Friday, June 20, 2008

Journalizing... on the internet?

I must admit that this whole idea of keeping a type of journal on the Internet seems somewhat odd to me. First of all, it is the Internet, not exactly a thing of stability. And then how to pass it on to other generations? I have heard stories of people that have been blogging for ten years. So I guess its possible to see some of the things you had on your mind ten years ago, but for my four year old to be able to find and read these things when he is thirty seems a little far fetched. Eliza, a fairly new convert to blogging herself, tells me that you can have your blogs printed and bound. This would be cool but I bet it isn't cheap! I love America. No sooner has a new fangled technology started to take off then enterprising people find a way to make money on it. Then even more enterprising people find a way to make money converting a new format of writing into a very old format of writing. Behold the genius of capitalism! So anyway here lie my thoughts (read: skepticism) on blogging as a journal, but in all honesty it is rather fun!