Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Annoying Yet Enjoyable

I know from the title you think I must be writing a post about me, well you are right, though it hurts me deeply that you find me annoying!

You know those songs that you hear the first time and think "wow, that song sucks!" and then three days later you are humming it. Then a week later you are thinking I have to get on iTunes and buy that bad boy (because like all responsible people I whole heartedly frown on evil "file sharing" sites like those mentioned in Weird Al's "don't download this song").

Well the latest of these that has claimed me as its victim is that Black Eyed Peas song about how freaking good tonight is going to be. Its going to be a good good night, and I'll be spending up my money!

Others have included that sweetheart MIley "My dad is a big attention whore, but not as bad as Spencer Pratt" Cyrus: I've got my sights set on you... the last time fr fr fr freaked out. So wonderfully Go-Go esque (well not quite but still...)

Nickleback's Rockstar, did you know that my favorite back up vampire slayer is in that video? NO really check it on Wikipedia! I hated this song the first 300 times I heard it. The I bought the video and now its in my top 25. How pathetic...

To the left, to the left: Don't forget about Beyonce. I can't stand her but (t) (hee, hee), that song is irreplacebly on my top 25.

I may be drunk but Brad Paisley's Alcohol is another. I love Brad Paisley, but this song really bugged me at first. Now it is on every playlist on my iPod. Even the one labled "church songs".

So these are just a few, I'd love to hear about yours, oh and if Eliza gets her way I'll be adding another Miley song "Party In The USA (a Jay Z song was on, a Jay Z song was on)" very soon! Let me know about yours!

Yellowstones and colored waters

It isn't often that I go to Yellowstone and take a lot of pictures of the thermal features, as the maps like to call them, I did like these views so I'm posting them for you. This first shot of the flowers I liked just because there was really no other greenery around and then here is a little clump of flowers popping up in the midst of all the stark and alien landscape that surrounds geysers.

I hope you enjoy.