Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mormon Bachelor Pad Author Revealed


Really I couldn't believe this when I saw the headlines here that the "boys" behind Mormon Bachelor Pad had been revealed. I have been asking Eliza why she reads "their" tripe anyway aways complaining about the content. She said its like a train wreck that you can't walk away from. Well babe, this ones for you!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Person behind controversial "Mormon" blog revealed:

Janet Mahonri Smith, 54, acknowledged today that she is in fact the person behind the exploits of several "young mormon men". Why did she do it? "Well I started to feel like a funk had set in." Smith stated that she was an English major at Brigham Young University before dropping out to become a wife and mother. "I really feel like I did the right thing." She explained referring to her domesticated life. But as she matured things began to change. "I found that the passion was eking out of my life. " In fact Smith says, "the only thing my husband would get excited about is the BYU vs. Utah games." Referring to the hot blooded rivalry between the two universities. What could she do to help ease her tension that wouldn't drive her from the tenants of her dearly held religion? "I had to create a separate life." A nom de plume would not be enough for Janet. "I started and stopped several other blogs." It just didn't work for her writing about difficulties creating center pieces for her weekly church lessons under another name. What she really needed was a break from her deeply committed life. And it was a break she got in the form of NCMO's, or non committal make outs in the parlance of her subjects. "The posts really began to take on a life of their own, and I couldn't believe that people didn't see right through me." Smith originally thought it would be tough to pull off the charade. "I mean, I'm a middle aged mother." But it appears that she knows what it takes to boil the blood of her predominantly female readership. "I think that deep down a lot of mormon women want to just let their freak flag fly and make out with young men with no attachment." But what about the seedier aspects of her blog, the so called "dry humping" episodes? "Oh my heck people get over it, I'm a married woman just trying to blow off some steam!" So what is the future for the "bachelors"? We may have to wait and see, and for Janet? The best maybe yet to come "I'm thinking of having the boys grow up and graduate, maybe even start exploring their sexuality..."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Christmastime remembered

Its St. Valentines day so of course the happy little elves at wally world are busy setting up the Easter candy displays, and right on cue, I'm posting about Christmas! We were very fortunate to be able to take a trip to SLC the weekend after Christmas with my family and my step brothers and their families (we missed you Brian and Val!) and see the Christmas lights at temple square and enjoy the wonderful spirit of the season. An especially fun part of the trip was taking the kids to the Church History Museum. I really love museums of any kind, but this one has some pretty cool exhibits that truly help you appreciate what the founders of my faith went through. I wanted to post some pictures and try and share with you the feelings I had. Hope you enjoy.

A view of the Christus in the north visitors center, He is the reason for the season

Joseph, Mary, and the Christ child

The Assembly Hall (for some reason I really like this building)

Joseph and Oliver receiving the Aaronic Priesthood

Mom and Lynner (thanks guys!)

Almost the whole group (do you think it was cold?)

This is my shot (not the first time this view has been taken but I like it)

Rexy enjoying the comforts of a ship at sea (this was cool because I served in Liverpool, England on my mission were tens of thousands of Saints left Europe for America on these ships)

Katie Grace checking out some dress up clothes

The Two Amigos

TROUBLE unleashed, and of course climbing on things!

My beautiful wife (moments before yelling at me to GET OFF THE FLOOR!)

A portion of a letter from the Prophet Joseph Smith (The Spirit at this and the Book of Mormon section was so strong. It really amazed me to see his actual handwriting)

The pistols Joseph and Hyrum used to defend themselves and John Taylor's watch and staff (The letter was hand written by Willard Richards and the books is the Doctrine and Covenants)

Death mask of Hyrum Smith

Death mask of the Prophet Joseph Smith
Standing there looking at Joseph and Hyrum's face I really felt the Spirit. It was comforting to me to know that finally they were at peace. It was truly an honor to be there. Seeing the death masks again. Seeing Joseph's actual writings. Seeing an actual page from the original translation of the Book of Mormon. These things just made the Gospel feel so much more real. It gave me such a great appreciation of the lives of the early Saints. It was much like our visit to Martin's Cove, where the spirit of sacrifice exhibited by the early Saints to make it possible for me to worship and follow the Gospel without persecution and trial truly humbled me. This trip to SLC at Christmastime was a great blessing. I'm so glad our family was able to go, and I hope that you feel a little of how I felt when you see these pictures. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true.

Catching up...

Wow, I just realized its been since September that I last posted on this poor neglected blog. I'm glad they didn't shut it down! I thought about closing down my Facebook account the other day because it killed my blogging and it can be a monumental time waster (coincidentally this thought occurred about the same time FB changed its layout unannounced for the 400th time but I digress). I didn't pull the plug on the FB yet because it has helped me to reconnect to some degree to friends and family who I don't communicate with any other way. It certainly puts me in a quandary because, no offense intended, although I do love seeing what people are up to; I really could not care less about someones lost trouser trout in aquiriumfarmmafiaville (full disclosure, I did post my all time highest Bejeweled score, but it was 300k + who wouldn't?). I know that FB is trying to pull in the almighty dollar, which is their right and I don't blame them, but it as my right as a consumer to pull they plug when I can no longer see what friends current updates are without hunting them down like a cold case file killer. I hate to re-enter the blogosphere with a complaint post, but hey it was on my mind. I hope this post finds all you faithful readers (hahaha) well, KG