Friday, February 20, 2009


The light is blindingly white,
its blurring my vision.
Where is this light coming from?
As I sit on this small velvet covered couch
with your hand clasped in mine
I can't quite catch my breath.
What is that pounding in my ears?
Is that my heartbeat?
That light is becoming more intense-
making my eyes water-
or, are those tears?
Why can't I breathe?
I feel surrounded,
like the eternities are pushing in on me,
trying so hard to connect me to the past
and the future.
I wipe my eyes
and they fill again.
Is it because of the light?
Where is it coming from?
Is it in the mirrors around us?
No, all I can see is you and I,
and our images like echos going on forever.
The light is growing
in brightness
in depth
in quality.
It is pulsing-
why would it do that?
It is like it is alive.
The light's pulse seems to mimic
my heartbeat:
a quickening throb.
I can't see where it is coming from?
The light is filling me.
As I look at you
sitting there
the light's pulse matches my heart's beat.
I realize the light is coming from within me.
Searing my heart,
melting it,
welding it,
to yours.
I realize my heart had an empty space,
a hole,
and your heart filled it.