Monday, January 5, 2009


I love facial hair, mostly because I have REALLY sensitive skin and I hate to shave because I get razor burn and rashes and ingrown hair etc... This is why I usually have some form of facial hair. I also have ADHD which I blame for my ever changing facial hair. But for a while now I have stuck with the full on beard and I love it. This is the longest I've ever grown a beard and it is by far the thickest I have ever had. I've been growing since sometime in early November and have trimmed it down twice so far. Besides boosting the testosterone of any room I walk into it has a practical purpose: keeping my cheeks warm. As you can see in the frosty bearded picture below it is providing much needed protection.

This was an unbelievably cold day, like 12 degrees, but I was nice and toasty! Okay so I was still cold, but not as cold as I could have been I'm sure!

Some of my favorite characters have had beards like:

Jeremiah Johnson

Or Grizzly Adams:

even Mugatu has a nice goat:

even chicks get in on the action:

Honestly what's not to love?

I know that some of the ladies complain that a man's facial hair can itch. Come on now think of it as nature's exfoliator and relish that you don't have to give yourself a facial. Some women don't like kissing a man with a beard because it "tickles". Isn't that really kind of a bonus? I mean really ladies, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Now men my Grandpa Grover, a famous connoisseur of facial hair himself, taught me a valuable life lesson: There is a difference between growing a beard and not shaving. Men don't fall into that trap. You really don't want your beard to say "I'm a wino," unless of course you, are then have at it! Another thing, you don't want to be rocking that peach fuzz. It doesn't count if a cat could lick it off with a little milk. And finally, if you look like a tree with half of the leaves blown off maybe give up and go for a porn stache:

Who isn't feeling that?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is anyone out there?

I think anyone who has a blog would like to be read. I don't think it is narcissistic, I think, as it is for myself, a need to be heard and at least thought about. Granted some people blog just to keep in touch with friends or family and that is fine. Others to espouse their beliefs in politics or sports which is funny because I always have heard that the big 3 things you don't discuss with other are religion, politics, and sports (no maybe that's not right, anyway). The point is that people that blog are putting themselves out into the wide wide world and expressing themselves for others to hear. This is inherently scary for most of us who aren't megalomaniacs and at the same time liberating. It is a good feeling to compose a post, try to put across your thoughts coherently, and then set it free onto the world wide web to reach as many people as you can. Now I'm no Matt Drudge, i have no delusions of being read by hundreds of thousands of people. I would (and do) get excited when one person visits my blog, and maybe people do, but to my knowledge only 4 people ever have and only 3 of those have ever posted a comment. So I guess my question is: Is ANYONE out there?

I get it if you don't find my stuff interesting, I'm a pretty eclectic kinda cat, but let me know. If you think my posts are disturbing let me know, if you don't like my political leaning let me know, if you would like to get me take on a subject let me know I would be happy to oblige. Of course if you think I rock let me know (thanks Tara for all of your positive comments!).

I have been told if you want to be read, or commented on, go out and comment on others. I try to do that, thus far I haven't found that to be so effective. I will keep trying. I don't want to be whiny, and I would like this to represent the silent ones out there in our little sphere, so please read and comment to other people's blogs. They will appreciate it, even if you disagree. Happy New Year!!!