Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not much time...

Just a quick hit to update the pictures from our Memorial Day trip to YNP. I am grateful for all those who have died defending our freedom so I can take my family to one of the most beautiful collections of God's creations without fear of being suicide bombed (so far)! Thanks veterans and families of veterans for all you do and have done!

Now on to the photo's enjoy!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wesley did you notice...?

That I have R.E.M. on my playlist. Quick question though, I heard that Clay Aiken is Michael Stipe's love child. Any truth to this?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good old times...

Tonight I spent a little time with my sister, we had some dinner and caught a movie. It was fun. As usual when we get together we try to impress each other with some new music, or even better, a blast from the past. You know a little Bell Biv Devoe, Beastie Boys, or Digital Underground.

Tonight when the Humpty Dance came up on the iPod rotation I was impressed that I still knew about 96.7% of the lyrics (side bar: my wife would probably ask why that's impressive???) and then a second impression hit me. Humpty Hump is POTUS. President of the United States for those of you who have yet to see Vantage Point (side bar: find a Redbox and rent it!). Now I know you think I'm crazy, but think about it: have you ever seen the two of them in a room together? I thought not. That in itself is almost irrefutable evidence, but that's not all I have to offer. I present 100% undoctered photo evidence:

and this beauty:

This seals the deal for me. I mean really, the man explains it in his own lyrics regarding his trademark dance from the late 80's "you've got it down when you appear to be in pain." Look at him, look at Ellen. It is clear from the look on her face that she is worried that the President of the greatest country in the free world is on her show and is in pain, she is signaling the secret service to come and rescue him.

I just gained some more respect for our leader. I mean have you heard the Sex Packets album? It is a classic. I still remember Kevin Dewsnup and Jake Handy rocking their off the shoulder cover alls and kickin' some Humpty Dance in the gym (Yes Kelly (formally Davis, your husband) at the high school. President Obama would be proud. And the First Lady, well c'mon how could she help but be attracted to a man with those kind of skills and lack of inhibitions, you know he once got busy in a Burger King bathroom?

Do you still doubt me? Our President used his charm and abilities to be a community organizer, helping to mobilize disadvantaged youths to focus their energies on things like politics (see ACORN), and the banking industry (again see ACORN), and activism (see Bill Ayers, oh and ACORN). This explains how he could take a troubled youth from the streets like Tupac and inspire him to be more than a roadie and helped launch a tremendous career tragically cut short (see ACORN???).

To me it was an epiphany, there is no other explanation. But don't worry Mr. President, your secret is fine with me. Just don't let yourself get photographed with those funny Groucho Marx glasses and a stogie and no one else will know...

P.S. have you ever seen these two together in the same room?

I'm just saying...