Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aural Fixation

I love music. I know everybody loves music right? I guess that is true, I have never personally met a person that didn't like music. Tastes in music are like taste in food, or clothes, or tv shows. Some people like a very defined style of music and don't care to branch out. Others like to sample the entire spectrum of what is out there. I would say my taste in music falls into the latter category. There are times when I get into one style and listen to it almost exclusively, but one of the joys of ADHD is that I don't stay attached to anyone sound for too long. My wife would beg to differ, and tell you that I definitely like music that gives her headaches. I would counter by saying she could probably not tell you who is singing any song that is on the radio right now AND that she makes up her own lyrics when it suits her. But I digress... The music that I really like the most is the music that draws you in and can make you forget about everything else. I love music that inspires my imagination. I as a young teenager I would jump on the trampoline for hours listening to music and imagine different things. The music was like a soundtrack to a movie that I would create in my mind. I love that. My wife will also tell you that I do not like quiet. She is spot on for this one, if I'm in the car I have music on, even though occasionally I will turn it down to listen. Sometimes I fall asleep to music. When I work out, mow the lawn, wash the car, do anything I like music. It helps drown out the voices in my head. So by way of illustration for all you auditory learners out there I want to share with you some of the songs across different genres that take me away like Calgon. Here they are:

Colder Weather Zac Brown Band, I love this band, and I am a sucker for harmonies. I think country music is the best for really great harmony.

Since the day I come home from the mission field in 1995 Weezer has been one of my favorite bands and this song definitely touches a chord (pun intended):

I was turned on to the Flaming Lips by a co-worker of mine who is 60+ and loved to find new music. This video isn't the best quality but hopefully you get a feel for it... I wish I were a hacker and could get the code for the good quality videos out there... I share this next song because I love it, I heard a group do this song acoustically at BYU-I and it was awesome... and I really want a cowboy to take me away... Not an official video, but a valiant effort from a fan I am man enough to say that I watch so you think you can dance I first heard this song there and think it is haunting and beautiful, cliche description but true... Rather than trying to become Mtv 47 I will end this post now but I hope that you get the idea. Should you feel inclined to comment please let me know if you have any suggestions for me (musical or otherwise)


Eliza said...

All good song choices. I've always liked your eclectic music tastes and I'm proud of your vast music knowledge. It's true I'm not a metal fan but you make it sound like I don't like any of your music. You need to give me more credit. Look at all the concerts we've gone to together. I'd probably have better music knowledge if somebody didn't steal my Ipod.

Logan said...

I absolutely love Zac Brown Band. You know they've got to be talented, because they definitely aren't getting by on looks. And I've caught myself singing along to Cowboy Take Me Away a few too many times.